Do You Know I Always Did This?

If you read #bigflexdoggMail regularly you will know that as a Competitor I do a lot of soft tissue therapy, several times per week. It is a huge part of my strategy to stay injury-free and let my muscles grow.
**This #bigflexdoggMail is not about soft tissue therapy, keep reading!**
When you have a lot of scar tissue you have the following two problems:
* Scar tissue prevents blood flowing into the muscle* Central nervous system connectivity can be lost* You get bunched up so your mobility becomes limited, so muscle stimulation is reduced
Beyond soft tissue therapy, I stretch every single day and make sure I do my mobility work. I still do that now, a lot of people don’t realize this or believe I can be so flexible because of my mass! I even have machines in my house to help with my flexibility.
Let me explain why I do it and the benefits…
  • 1) When you lose flexibility and mobility around a joint it means that your range of motion becomes limited. That means that you cannot stimulate a muscle through a full range of motion, so your growth potential becomes limited. That sucks for any serious bodybuilder!
  • 2) When you lose flexibility at a joint it means things get really tight – let’s use the anterior deltoid and upper pec as an example around the shoulder joint. When you get tight here you struggle to lower the arm while bench pressing, this means there’s a ton of stress on that joint – especially under heavy load!! The injury becomes far more likely – how many times have you seen guys get a pec tear when pressing or a bicep injury? That s*** is all linked.
When you gain size you lose flexibility so you have to make the effort to maintain it. It takes time, but spending 15-20 minutes per day doing mobility and flexibility training can make a massive difference to your results and prevent injury.
Take me as an example, pushing 250lbs at the peak of my bodybuilding career and I never had joint pain or injuries…
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