3 Reasons “Why You’re Losing Strength”

Do you sometimes find your strength plateaus or even goes down and wonder why? There is a really simple reason for this actually, I’ve got 3 for you…
  • 1) No Periodization
If you are just training without periodization, which means tapering up the volume of working sets and weight lifted, you will crash at some point. Bodybuilding is a long-term game and you must use periodization. Track your sets, the reps you get with each weight, and gradually work on improving those numbers. Just remember you have to build recovery into that as well…
**read the next point!!**
  • 2) Bad Recovery
Recovery is everything for growth and building strength. If your diet sucks or you don’t sleep enough, recovery won’t be great and you will regress. Something else which is super important with periodization is deloading every 3-4 weeks…
It means backing off on the volume by 30-50% for a week, allowing your central nervous system to recover. The next 3-4 weeks afterward you’ll find you’re stronger!!!! This is how the workout programs in Bigflex Dogg Club are set-up, to help you continuously progress.
  • 3) Diet
I already spoke on this above…
Diet can either unlock new levels for you or always hold you back, depending on what you’re doing with it. High volume training is the most effective yet demanding way to train – you have got to be super smart with your diet, if you’re not, you will fall behind.
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