Should You Do Behind The Neck Movements?

As Competitive Bodybuilder, I really like behind-the-neck pulldowns and also overhead pressing too – but I had the shoulder mobility to do this safely. Lots of people literally cannot get themselves into that position, then there are those who can but not safely.
Should you use these types of behind the neck exercises?
The behind-the-neck pulldown can be an effective exercise for lat development, but its potential risks for the shoulders and neck are significant. Safer and equally effective alternatives exist. Consider incorporating standard pulldowns, seated cable rows, or neutral grip pulldowns into your back workout routine.
If you are able to do so safely, without putting a ton of stress on the shoulder joints and neck, they can be great. However, don’t go crazy heavy with the weight, this could make your neck and shoulder joints more vulnerable.
If your shoulder and neck mobility is not good, these movements are not something I can recommend. Spend time doing mobility drills and working with a soft tissue therapist to gain more flexibility in these areas – over time you will get more mobile.
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