Get a “Full” Muscle Contraction And Build Mass

Bodybuilding is about working the muscle, not the ego. I keep on saying the same thing, getting a full muscle contraction on every rep is what really matters – just so you are clear, this is what I mean and why it really matters…

To make your muscle grow in size you have got to make it work hard enough, the best way to do this is using a full range of motion, with enough control so the tension builds up. This is where that “burn” comes from, which leads to the “pump” because blood rushes into the muscle. All of this time under tension, through a full range of motion acts like a switch for the central nervous system – it really stimulates it, which gets things moving!!

What do I mean by this?

“When the central nervous system gets stimulated more muscle fibers are recruited, so you breakdown more muscle tissue, which creates more hypertrophy afterwards. The smartest way to maximize this is getting a full muscle contraction”.

Just so you are clear, this means keeping that muscle under tension through the whole range of motion, avoiding momentum/swinging, and squeezing the s*** out of that muscle!!

This means you will use less weight because it’s harder and it causes the muscle to fatigue faster – but you will get much better results, which is what you want right?

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