Did Ronnie Coleman Need To Squat 800lbs?

We all know that Ronnie Coleman was a monster in the gym, he was super strong. The question I always ask about the strongest bodybuilders is do they NEED to do that to their body, in order to build size?
 What if they did less, with slower rep tempo, and more volume? Maybe do more reps too, rather than 2, 3 or 4 reps, go lighter and hit 12.
 Would they build the same muscle?
Honestly, I think so, and I also believe their body would cope better as well in the long run. At 35 my joints don’t ache, I don’t have injuries and I am pain-free when training. That is just as important to me as being a competitor because I think it is smart to take care of your health, long-term. It is crazy that so many people who follow bodybuilding today think they have to beat their body up to gain size.
I actually think a lot of it is a mindset thing. When you are chasing a big goal, it is normal to want to give absolutely everything, even if you’re actually going too far. This is not me telling you to back off, just think smarter.
This is why I love the high volume training with short rest periods and a lot of sets, in that 8-12 rep range. It means you are going to create a lot of hypertrophic response, but you won’t be lifting crazy weight all of the time which should keep your joints healthier.
Honestly, care as much about your health and well-being away from bodybuilding as your progress, it will serve you better!
 If you want to build a great physique and also take care of your long-term health, follow my principles.
P.S.: We live this lifestyle together, healthier, stronger, bigger and leaner!
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