Are Your Hamstrings Lagging Behind?

Hamstrings are a muscle group which I really took to the next level. I think a lot of people have the potential to build much better hamstrings if they were just to do things the right way. Each muscle group has unique demands, partly down to the biomechanics amongst other variables.
Below are 3 of the best ways to bring your hamstrings up. Each point is there to make your hamstring training more impactful and efficient.
  • 1 Activate First
Get the hamstrings activated properly first, they are a super powerful muscle group which usually have a load of fast-twitch fibers. Spending time doing some “feel sets” at the start with an isolation exercise such as lying leg curls helps do this – you need to really FEEL the hamstrings work!
  • 2 Hip Hinge Properly
This is huge!
Hip hinge exercises like stiff leg deadlifts are meant to be done through the hips, not the lower back. Too many people lift with their lower back, not engaging their hips which means their glutes/hamstrings get limited stimulation. They often also usually get lower back issues!
Spend time learning how to hip hinge correctly, which means keeping a neutral spine and driving the hips with exercises such as stiff leg deadlifts.
  • 3 Use Unilateral Exercises
Too many people do all of their hamstring exercises bilaterally, you need to do some truly isolated work as well to really bring them up. Unilateral exercises help create a much stronger neurological connection on each side. They also allow you to crush one side at a time with tension because you are completely focused.
Standing leg curls and lying single leg curls are both awesome choices!
**Hitting the hamstrings with a ton of volume is also a great way to see results – they respond very well to this. The Bigflex Dogg Club workouts for hamstrings are really tough and are designed to make them really grow!
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