3 Steps To Bigger Quads!

As a pro my quads were always a strong body part, even today they are still there! If you are finding it hard to gain size on your quads, here are 3 tips I recommend you try.
1. Use Slow Leg Extensions
Leg extensions are the best way to isolate the quads and really build up that neurological connection. This is how you learn to recruit more muscle fibers, getting that mind-to-muscle connection in place. Using controlled leg extensions with a high volume workout, hitting that 8-12 repetition range with short (45-60 second) rest intervals will help do this. Use 3-4 second negatives!
2. Tense & Squeeze
Don’t just think of training your quads as moving weight, think about the tension you can get on the muscle. If you can learn to squeeze the quads during every rep and tense them, you are going to feel way more tension. You are a bodybuilder, not a powerlifter, so make sure you squeeze hard!
3. Get Stronger with High Volume
When I recommend “getting stronger” I don’t mean crazy 1 or 2 rep sets, that s*** is overrated and high risk – it isn’t even the best way to really build size either. Stick to the 8-12 rep range, and aim to get stronger within these numbers across lots of sets. Suddenly, your muscle is doing a huge amount of work which is where real growth happens.
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