3 Ways to Boost Calf Size FAST

Do your calves suck?

This is definitely the muscle group most people complain about being stubborn so I figured I’d share some tips with you today – check this out…

1.5 Reps

Last week during one of the BigflexDogg Club webinars someone asked me about my 1.5 rep sets for calves…

Watch my training videos and you’ll see a lot of 1.5 reps when I do calf raises, this is an awesome way to keep the tension on the calves. This means you use less weight but it makes the muscles work so much harder. What this also does is help you learn to build a better connection with the muscle through the central nervous system.

Ankle Stretches

If your calves are really stubborn then the Achilles tendon is probably holding you back because when it is too tight, it is really difficult to properly contract the calf muscles. Do ankle stretches before and during your calf sets, also stretch out at the bottom of every rep, just to do some ballistic stretching. Soon you will be able to squeeze the calves much harder!

Short Rest Periods

The fascia is another problem for calves because it is usually really tough in this part of the body. Keeping rest periods short at 45 seconds between sets will send a lot more blood into the muscles, which is how you stretch out the fascia and create more room for growth.

P.S.: Another calf training tip… Prioritize them! Don’t add some sets on at the end of a workout, begin with them at the start – this will make a big difference!! All of the Bigflex Dogg Club workouts for calves are at the beginning of the workout.

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